Don’t go without these 14 incredible uses for lavender oil!

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 14 Incredible uses for lavender oil:

1. Antidepressant


2. Reduce stretch marks or scarring

Lavender oil promotes the body’s own healing process and can speed up elimination of stretch marks. It can be applied undiluted.

3. Heal burns

Lavender can reduce the onset of redness and swelling and help to keep pain levels to a minimum.

4. Treatment for cuts, grazes and bruises

5. Acne Treatment

Lavender is Antiseptic and works in a similar way to tea tree oil. It is also good for removing skin toxins and impurities. It evens out skin tone by reducing the effects of scars and stretch marks.

6. Promote hair re-growth

Lavender oil locally increases blood circulation on the scalp keeping the follicles clear and healthy.

7. Relaxation and better sleep

Linalyl esters in lavender that are responsible for creating its unique scent cause the body to slow down the activity of the nervous system.

8. Athletes foot

9. Dandruff

It is a powerful antiseptic and useful for treating dry scalp and also head lice. It fights fungi and viruses too.

10. Eczema

Mix several drops of Lavender oil with a gentle base oil

11. Insect bites

Again lavenders ability to reduce swelling does it justice here, but it also relieves irritating itchiness.

12. Help Headaches

13. Stop nausea or vomiting

 14. Massage oil for sore muscles and joints

Lavender oil reduces swelling and decrease activity of the nervous system, reducing pain and helping you feel relaxed. Add lavender drops into a bath to help arthritis and rheumatism.




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