Almond Oil for hair loss

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Almond oil has many multi-functional properties.  Surprisingly though, it has also been shown to help promote hair growth and actually help with hair loss.

Almond oil contains Vitamin E and D, as well as magnesium, potassium and high levels of fatty acids. Vitamin E has its own hair growth benefits. It can help to soften scalp tissue and reduce any inflammation making hair growth easier. Start by massage a small amount of almond oil into the scalp, making sure to cover the root to the tip. This massaging process is good in itself, and can help to stimulate blood flow.

Using almond oil for hair loss frees up the dead skin cells around the cuticle allowing each hair follicle to grow unrestrained. We’ve heard that using this once or twice a week in addition to olive oil can generate some really positive results. Keeping your hair strong and reduce any breakage or splitting consequently makes your hair thicker and adds shine too.

It’s used as the main base oil for many aromatherapy and massage therapists. Most of them combine this carrier oil with an essential oil for a specific purpose. Try combining it with Lavender oil to create a stimulating hair energiser. For more on how lavender can help with, please see our article on: Lavender Oil for hair loss.

You’ll want to find a pure almond oil with nothing strange added. So look for a 100% almond oil, it’s pretty rare to find a combo oil, but there really is no excuse for companies to not provide pure almond oil. Don’t just settle for something either, almond oil should be cheap, so have a look round online.

I personally get mine online as you usually get a better deal, as its on average cheaper than finding it in retail outlets – the prices tend not to be so consistent. There’s a great cheap Organic Almond Oil on amazon for $7 and make sure you look around, theres an identical size and purity for sale here
but $8 more expensive! Though if you find a nice local shop, support them too.

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