Amazing Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

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Amazing health benefits of aloe vera

Aloe vera, often listed in ingredients as A. barbadensis is a succulent plant with thick juicy stems, native to north Africa. The margin of the leaf is serrated but not sharp.

Aloe vera is packed with minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients and even amino acids, the building blocks of protein.

1. Makeup Remover – Aloe Vera is the best way to remove makeup naturally, and will only benefit pores after a day of makeup. Some removers are quite damaging to the skin. With Aloe, what you see is what you get, nothing bad. Aloe vera also helps remove any impurities left in the skin and helps tackle puffy eyes.

2. Acne destroyer! Aloe helps control oil levels on the skin and is a naturally powerful antiseptic. Consequently it can aid in the kill bacteria on the skin while simultaneously preventing too much sebum and causing over oil production or blocking the pores. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, thus helps reduce the appearance of puffiness and redness.

3. Cuts, Burns and Bruises: Aloe vera can reduce the onset of redness and swelling and help to keep pain levels to a minimum.

4. Sunburn Soother – This one is a given, and aloe is most advertised as after-sun. Aloe is naturally soothing and cooling so is great for putting on pink skin. It can help prevent too much peeling and moisturize dry, damaged skin. It actually helps protect it from further sun burn too.

5. Natural Shaving Gel – Again Aloe Vera helps balance oil levels on the skin, preparing it for waxing. Too much oil equals more pain. It also helps prevent wax or shaving rashes by killing bad bacteria. Some people use it with shaving gel too. Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory healing enzymes and acts as a great natural lubricant for a smooth surface on your skin.

6.Can actually re-grow hair! The aloe vera leaf juice contains an enzyme that can help prevent hair loss by stimulating the hair follicles. This is due to an Increased blood flow to scalp. The enzymes themselves are nutritious growth stimulators too. It is an all natural way to stimulate hair growth, that’s why hair loss companies are all about the ‘stimulating’ and ‘increasing hair activity’, but they are using chemicals such as Rogaine. Read more about Aloe Vera for hair loss.

7.Smooth out Wrinkles: The vitamin E present in Aloe Vera helps even out skin tone by reducing the effects of scars and stretch marks. It keeps skin tight in a similar way to witch Hazel.

8.Digestive Health – Packed with vitamins and minerals, and natural phytonutrients. It keeps the digestive system tip top shape and acts as a detox from within. You can experience all the benefits of Aloe Vera by eating it! It also helps constipation too. Please read our Aloe Vera drink recipe.

Make sure you buy the right Aloe Vera, Please read our article on: The truth about aloe vera Products.

Always check the ingredients, some companies add tons of artificial preservatives and other chemicals. If in doubt, go for aloe vera juice, such as this one. Most are 100% pure with only Natural Citric acid added like the one in the link.

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