High % Of Apple Juice In The US Is Full of Arsenic From China

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Apple Juice

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It’s becoming harder and harder to know where your food is coming from now.

If the produce in question is apple juice, there’s a high probability it comes from China. As depressing as this may be, this looks to be a true statistic. According to Food & Water Watch, apparently more than 70%  juice now consumed in the United States of America is imported from China.

I am unsure why the US imports it’s apple juice from China. Apple juice is used as a filler in a ton of kid’s drinks and other ‘juice style’ drinks, so one can only assume that it’s the cheap cost of Chinese juice that is prompting US companies to make this switch. This is often a concentrate that’s been through a complicated process to make China’s notoriously bitter apple’s marketable.

But here’s the really bad part. Some tests have shown that some top selling US brands of apple juice contain arsenic. This was first discovered by Dr oz on his show here.

However, the FDA still says apple juice is safe to drink. They have recently proposed new guidelines
The St. Petersburg Times have also done tests and found that arsenic was above the FDA’s concern levels; that is, levels higher than 23 parts per billion. Further to this other newspapers have found levels of 35 parts.
What can you do about it?
It looks like the FDA is making moves to try and finally address this issue. But in the meantime, I want to make sure that arsenic levels are low in my juice. That means buying apple juice which orginates in the US or parts of Europe.
Choose a natural safe brand such as this one, to make sure you’re not consuming arsenic!
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