Best Women’s supplements

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Best Women's supplements

Women’s supplements are a huge source of income for nutrition companies, however, most of the marketing is scare mongering. So we’ve made an honest top 6 list of vitamins and minerals you need to keep an eye on, and supplement if you feel necessary.



A necessity for women who are far more (about 4* more so than men) likely to develop osteoporosis, and your ability to absorb enough slows down as you age. Calcuim keeps bones and ligaments strong.

Iron is the most important on this list for women. THE most common mineral in women’s supplements vitamin complexes – it is there for a reason. 1 in 5 women suffer from low iron levels  causing tiredness and irritability. Women on their period should definitely up their intake of Iron. See: Top foods high in Iron. ensure to up vitamin C consumption as this can help your body absorb more and make better use of iron


B vitamins: B6 B12 and folic acid

All B vitamins are important to a woman’s well being. However these in particular are most important for women. The help form red blood cells – needed while on period.
Poor eating habits have been linked to low levels of folic acid too.



Even though biotin is a B vitamin, we’ve added this one separately, biotin is the top vitamin for hair, skin and nails, and is in most hair, skin and nails complexes.A must have beauty supplement for anyone wanting better hair growth.


Cranberry extracts

Great for women’s Urinary Health. Cranberry extracts can prevent quick multiplying of breast cancer cells however, more research is needed on this. Skin conditions and dry sensitive skin can also benefit from canberry extracts which is why it is so great for women.


Flaxseed Lignan

Women with notable amounts of lignans in comparison to other women generally have lower cancer susceptibility. The are also great for keeping breast tissue, uterus and ovaries healthy and indeed, help prevent cancer in these areas.
Lignans also have huge post-menopausal benefits in women, and help regulate hormone levels. Lignans provide Antioxidants too.

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