Coconut oil for hair loss

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coconut oil for hair loss

Benefits of coconut oil for hair loss:

Coconut Oilis simply oil taken from the edible inside or kernel of matured coconuts. It’s used both externally and internally and has incredible health benefits. The water inside is also put to good use. But its thick mineral rich flesh is why it’s so popular, and its benefits extend to actually helping hair loss.

High in fats and proteins, It can rejuvenate and moisturize damaged hair and even aid in preserving the hairs natural oils and proteins. Having natural levels of oils on the scalp ensures stable and consistent hair growth. Its benefits are not just within hair follicles but on the scalp too by tackling lice and dandruff with antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.

The oil is easily absorbed and cleans and nourishes the hair follicle, allowing it to grow freely and without any inhibitors, and this is where coconut oil gets it hair growth reputation.

Leaving coconut on the scalp increases blood flow and better blood flow means more nutrients to the hair follicle to allow it to grow long. Coconut oil used internally is also great for providing the right nutrients. The essential fatty acids ensure a healthy scalp and prevent thinning.

However, coconut oil does not inhibit DHT production, and our sensitivity to DHT is the fundamental cause of hair loss in both men and women. To find out what DHT is click here. Despite this, using coconut oil is great for promoting existing hair growth and encouraging maintenance of new growth.

Don’t worry though; there are oils that do inhibit DHT, such as olive oil, which will be of use to you to read about. It is a great idea to combine different oils to suit your needs.

Coconut oil provides essential nutrients for all hair types meaning that literally anyone can benefit from using coconut oil, even if your hair is healthy. It covers hair from root to tip in a thick vitamin rich paste that helps keep natural shine, and softness.

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