Coconut oil for Shiny hair

coconut oil shiny hair

Benefits of coconut oil for shiny hair:

You may have read other articles on Coconut Oil for the hair as part of the coconut series. One of the most popular benefits of coconut oil is its ability to keep hair shiny and control frizz. It does this by moisturizing damaged hair and even aiding in preserving the hairs natural oils and proteins.

Most shampoos strip the hair completely of its natural oils. However coconut oil helps regulate the process of sebum and oil production on the scalp. This ensures hair is not dry, but without appearing greasy either, the result is the optimum balance for shine.

Coconut Oil penetrates the hair, allowing the hair strands to absorb and utilize all the beneficial nutrients. It covers hair from root to tip in a thick vitamin rich paste that helps keep existing natural shine, and promotes the production of natural oils that help keep hair shiny. Coconut oil softens the hair, but keeps roots strong. Softer, well looked after hair appears shinier from a distance too.

Its benefits are not just within hair follicles but on the scalp too by tackling lice and dandruff with antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.  Having hair free of dandruff, dirt and other impurities means you hair won’t lose its outward shiny appearance.

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  • Sarah


    Wait! Hang on! I don’t see INSTRUCTIONS! Wet hair? Dry hair? Let it sit for an hour with plastic wrap around your head? Shampoo it out? WHAT DO I DO?!?

    Btw, loving your site!

    • Natural and Healthy Living

      I use at night, and then shampoo in the morning. Just to note, it will ruin your pillows; so you can cover your head to protect that. Or like me, not really bother!!

  • vicki wyatt


    Do you warm the oil and use generously or use without warming and sparingly?

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