Foods High in vitamin B6

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Foods high in vitamin B6


A great source of potassium and vitamin B6. Great as a light energy snack, or to prevent cramps.


One of the best vegetables for women, its high iron and B6 levels are ideal for boosting energy throughout the day. Most leafy green veg’s are high in B6.

Raw Garlic

Include in your cooking as much as possible if you’re trying to top up on B6. Remember Garlic has a raft of other health benefits and is great for cleansing the blood.


Quite possibly the food with the highest B6 content on this list.

Herbs and Spices

Though not used often or in large doses, try and include herbs and spices where possible if you’re looking to add in some extra B6.



Any type of liver is high in B6.  Great source of vitamins and minerals too.  Very healthy.


Great if you’re also trying to increase protein content.

Nuts, Seeds and fortified cereals

Seeds make a great addition in bread so try and buy a seeded loaf, or mix them in with your bread maker.  Hazelnuts and Pistachios are an ideal choice and have the highest B6 content. Nuts are a good source of potassium, manganese, selenium and zinc.

Alternatively, you can buy vitamin B6 in supplement form, though not always the most natural way, it certainly isn’t harmful in sensible dosages and is often the quickest way if vitamin B6 dosage needs raising immediately.

Natures Made do a natural yet cheap capsule version, that is one of the best prices you’ll get online, and it’s where we get ours from.

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