Herbal hangover cures and remedies

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Herbal Hangover Cures

Prevent the dreaded hangover with these relatively simple herbal hangover tips

As many of us know, a good night out usually ends with a terrible morning, something we all experience and have to deal with, unless you don’t drink in the first place. Usually, people reach for the pain killers in the morning. Please do not do this! Overtime, harsh painkillers are toxic on the liver and ultimately do just as much damage as alcohol. Use these herbal hangover cures instead, and probably to your surprise, THEY DO WORK.

Of course, the more you do to minimize the after effects of drinking, WHILE you are drinking, the better you are going to feel the next day, this includes drinking lots of water.

There are some remedies that need to be taken before drinking  and some after, it’s not necessary to take all of them, but we’ve complied this list below so that you’ve got a variety to chose from.

Preventative Herbal Hangover cures (before drinking)

Prickly Pear:  Start taking prickly pear extract a few hours before a night out, it’s good for reducing nausea, and dealing with appetite loss, taking before can help reduce the effects of nausea.

There are also combo products available out there such as ‘PreToxx for Hangovers‘. It contains prickly pear as well as Milk Thistle (later on this list).

Zaca Herbal Hangover Patch:

The all in one solution for those who don’t want to bother organizing supplements just for a night out! Which we’re assuming, is the majority of you. The Zaca Herbal hangover patch is made with prickly pear and milk thistle, NAC and includes multivitamins designed to help aid in the digestion of alcohol as it happens. It helps lesson the unwanted side effects of alcohol, but still allows you to enjoy the effects in the moment and does not ‘increase’ your tolerance. By applying the patch before drinking and leaving it on, you get the whole pre and post benefits without having to worry about forgetting to take other support. Recommended for all, if of course, you don’t feel incredibly odd wearing a ‘hangover patch’!


This strange sounding root has some remarkable natural properties. Kudzo root extract actually reduces the need to consume as much alcohol by reducing cravings. It’s usually the desire to get one last beer in that causes the most major hangovers and you would have been just as jolly without it. More research is needed into this herbal hangover cure, so we suggest you have a poke around on the internet, and indeed, just give it a try.

Ginkgo Biloba Seeds:

Ginkgo seeds actually help to metabolism the enzymes contained in alcohol. A quite tricky thing to buy, where ever you are, as most stores only stock Ginkgo liquid extracts or capsules that are not effectively for alcohol metabolism. Some bars even serve Ginkgo seeds alongside cocktails for this reason, mostly in east Asian countries.

Post-Drinking Herbal Hangover Cures


This guy forgot to take his Milk Thistle…

Milk Thistle:

If you want just one from this list, it has got to be milk thistle. Milk thistle is a liver detoxifier, and is actually really quick into action. It can also help prevent the liver from excess toxins, so can be taking before of after drinking. We use liquid form and add to water in the morning. If you’ve got time when you get in, drink a glass of water with milk thistle too – it works wonders and you won’t wake up with a hangover.


Ginger can help lower the pain caused by headaches which makes it ideal for a hangover. It’s also a great treatment for any form of induced nausea. We recommend taking ginger in a tea form, as sipping tea can often help in the first place, additionally, tea will be less likely to come back up again if the nausea is alongside vomiting.


This plant is simply amazing, and we use it daily, hangover or not. It’s a blood cleanser and naturally boosts immune system output. As such, it’s ideal for as a natural herbal hangover cure as well as a daily ‘feel good’ detoxifying supplement.

Further Reading that may interest you: The health benefits of Ginger

If you want just one herbal hangover cure to take before and after drinking, then take prickly pear before and milk thistle after. If you must chose just one, go with Milk thistle, and we personally vouch for its effectiveness. 

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