Health Benefits of Vitamin D

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Health Benefits of Vitamin D

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We get most of our vitamin D from just being outdoors exposed to sunlight and UV rays, where is produced under our skin. So in this sense, vitamin D isn’t really a vitamin, it’s a chemical reaction kick started by hormones. Sometimes though, we need a little more than usual. This can be a great boost to those that suffer from Seasonal affecting disorder.

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The two varieties that are used by humans are vitamins D2 and D3. D3 is the more common of the two.


So, what are the health benefits of Vitamin D?


  • Helps prevent serious illnesses such as osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease and indeed some types of cancer


  • Ensure adequate absorption of Calcium and phosphorous


  • Increased mental alertness, and great to take alongside B vitamins.


  • Keeps teeth and bones healthy.


  • Helps to regulate normal cell activities within the body.


  • Reduction in the risk of breast cancer


  • Great for keeping the immune system healthy. And helps fight off common coughs and colds.


  • Research is currently being conducted to see if it has a positive effect on male pattern baldness.


  • May help to keep away too much unwanted fat, and regulate body weight.
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