High protein vegetarian foods

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high protein vegetarian foods

If you’re turning┬ávegetarian, your diet must include:

  1. Eggs
    Be sure to eat all the egg. Some say the whites contain the majority of the protein. This is a myth.
  2. Yogurt
  3. Milk
    Always drink full fat if you can, much healthier and less toxins. Trust me, if you are thinking whole milk will make you put on weight, then you need to do a lot more than drink semi to lose it.
  4. Nuts and seeds
    Very high in protein. High in healthy fats and healthy calories so make a great snack.
  5. Beans
    Beans should be a staple in any vegetarian diet, the refried beans in Mexican or baked beans in the can are equally as great.
  6. Pulses
    Great to mix into cooking, and simply blend into most pastas.
  7. Soy
    Soy is the main ingredient for most replica meat produce.
  8. Qinola and other whole grains
  9. Protein supplements such as hemp protein.
    If you are vegan, I would highly recommend using a protein powder, for those busy days where getting the extra grams are difficult. The best vegan option is a 100% Soy protein or hemp protein powder. Optimum Nutrition do a great Soy protein, and whilst the packaging is brightly colored and may look similar to the guys protein, it really isn’t. It’s 100% soy and is one of the cheapest out there as it’s sold as a not so popular addition in their range rather than specifically marketed health product for vegans.
  10. Legumes
  11. Broccoli
    Broccoli has the highest protein content of any vegetable!
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