Jojoba oil for hair loss

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jojoba oil for hair loss

Why use jojoba oil for hair loss?

Jojoba Oil is extracted from the jojoba plant, native to northern California, southern states, and many parts of Mexico.

The molecular properties of jojoba are remarkably similar to natural sebum and oil the glands of the scalp create. Such, it is great for sensitive scalps – totally natural and hypoallergenic.

As a result of its composition it mimics natural conditioning processes and is used for relieving scalp problems and irritations such as dandruff and lice.

The very same function helps release and clean sebum blockage on the scalp that can obstruct hair follicles and hider the ability for hair to grow properly. Too much blockage can also cause hair breakage – not great if hair is already thinning.

Jojoba oil for hair loss protects hair follicles against many other external factors that cause hair loss. Coating the hair in a natural, mild layer of oil, prepares the hair for the elements. Its anti-oxidant properties can protect the scalp and hair from damage too. Generally, using any hair oil will strengthen and thicken existing hair, making hair loss less obvious.

Jojoba Oil for hair loss can be applied topically out of the bottle, or act as the base for other hair loss oils.

Its other scalp benefits extend to improving scalp circulation, allowing more blood and more nutrients to the base of the hair follicle, thus helping production of new hair.

Using Jojoba Oil keeps your scalp as healthy as it can be – dry hair with unhealthy roots, or hair with excessive sebum blockage can impede hair growth. However, this is mainly the secondary cause of hair loss and doesn’t necessarily tackle hereditary hair loss or inhibit DHT production, the cause of male pattern baldness.

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