Lavender oil for relaxation

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Benefits of lavender oil
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For hundreds of years Lavender Oil has been prescribed for insomnia, anxiety and most of all stress relief. The effect of lavender oil reduces fears, and promotes positive thinking resulting in a better mood, what more could you ask for from an oil?

So how does lavender oil work? Well it’s the scent of lavender that helps us to feel calm.  Linalyl esters in lavender that are responsible for creating its unique scent cause the body to slow down the activity of the nervous system. As a result our psychological activity decreases giving us an increased sense of physical calm. At the same time however, lavender increases healthy brain activity giving us a sense of better control and a mood related with great relaxation.

Massaging Lavender Oil onto sore muscles can help sooth sore areas too, and reduce swelling, allowing you to feel relaxed. If its been a long day at work, try adding drops of lavender essential oil into the bath.

The physical and psychological positiveness  caused by lavender allows the body to fully relax and in turn allows those who usually struggle to sleep get a well rested sleep.


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