10 Magical Uses for Tea Tree Oil

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In this article, we’re going to cover 10 hack like ways to uses tea tree oil. It really is a super essential oils. Here are some great ways to utilize it!



Here’s a list of some amazing things you can do with tea tree oil at home

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1. Cleaning: 

Using tea tree oil is the perfect way to clean toxin free and naturally. Add a couple of teaspoons of Tea Tree Oil to water in a spray bottle to disinfect surfaces with its natural antiseptic properties. Tea tree oil smells great in the home too.

2. Relieve Sinus infections:

Use tea tree oil to steam. Add 10 drops of tea tree into a bowl of boiling water, and place a towel over your head and bowl to trap the steam. Breathe in through the nose to loosen up mucus. Tea tree oil is antibacterial and antiviral, allowing it to tackle infections within the respiratory system.

3. Treat pet fleas:

Use a spray bottle so the tea tree is diluted. Add 20 drops to a cup of water and spray on your pet at least once a day.

4. To destroy acne:

Tea tree oil should be a must as part of your beauty routine if you suffer from any form of acne. It helps restore natural oil balance, and kills bad bacteria of the surface of the skin. Tea tree is just as good as any standard cosmetic product you can buy in store.

5. Dandruff and hair loss:

Tea trees antibacterial ways tackle the root cause of dandruff and help moisturize the scalp. Use with olive oil as the base and then wash out as needed. Find out why olive oil can help too.

6. Insect bites anti itch:

Apply undiluted to the bite to help with scratching and swelling.

7. Use when waxing and to prevent ingrown hairs:

Again tea tree oil helps balance oil levels on the skin, preparing it for waxing. Too much oil equals more pain. It also helps prevent wax rashes by killing bad bacteria. Some people use it with shaving gel too.

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8. Homemade mouth wash:

Utilize tea tree’s naturally antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Add 20 drops to a bottle of water and you’ve got instant herbal mouthwash!

9. Keep away Spiders:

Spiders hate tea tree! Add drops to where spiders like to hang out in your home and they’ll disappear in no time. Alternatively, use a diffuser that will keep the room smelling of gentle tea tree.

10. To destroy head lice: 

If you’re kid has head lice that you just cannot beat, try adding some tea tree, lice refuse to live in such overpowering scents and strong antiseptic solutions. Make sure you dilute first! It can be far better on your child’s skin that powerful and toxic regular treatment.


teatreeWant to get some tea tree oil yourself? 

Make sure you get yourself premium grade essential oil and don’t fool for ‘tea tree smelling oil’ which is sometimes misleading.

We get the tea tree oil you can see in the left, from Eden’s Garden.

It’s really good stuff!





We work hard to bring these lists to you – please share if you enjoyed them!

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