Peppermint Oil for Hair Loss

Peppermint essential oil for hair loss
Peppermint essential oil for hair loss

Peppermint oil for hair loss

There are many advantages of using Peppermint Essential Oil to stimulate hair growth over other oils. It keeps the scalp cool and is probably the best essential oil for increasing scalp circulation allowing more blood and more nutrients to the base of the hair follicle, thus helping production of new hair.

Peppermint oil for hair also has many other great benefits. Its aroma repels lice and helps clear up excess dandruff. While a few diluted drops of peppermint oil may not seem like an effective moisturizer, it naturally balances the pH and as a consequence the scalp can regulate oil production, and so is effective for those suffering with dry hair.

It is this extra blood flow to the capillaries, which provide hair with the tools for growth, that’s why most modern hair loss products are all about ‘increasing blood flow’ and ‘energizing the scalp’, I’m sure you are familiar with these expressions . However, these chemical products are not good for your hair and scalp in the long run, and Peppermint Essential Oil is going to be just as effective but without the side effects.

Regarding hair loss, it really is all about getting the hair follicles stimulated. It will be of a major benefit to you to massage the scalp at the same time to maximize this, only 5 minutes each day will do.

In addition to this, the aroma is uplifting and can be added to homemade shampoos and conditioners for some benefiting fragrance.

Unlike most other oils, Peppermint Essential Oil MUST be diluted in some way before using, I’ve made the mistake of applying it undiluted, and my scalp was burning all night! Try adding a few drops into a natural shampoo to reap the benefits. There are many ways to use it, you just need to get inventive, most people mix it with a carrier oil such as jojoba and olive oil. Both of which are famous for helping prevent hair loss via a similar method to using peppermint oil to stimulate hair growth.

If you have any peppermint success stories, please comment and let us know!

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  • delakota


    Thanks for the interesting article. By the way, there is a typo – I think you meant to write undiluted?

    “I’ve made the mistake of applying it diluted, and my scalp was burning all night!”


    • Honesthealthblog

      Thanks for letting us know!

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