Side Effects of Antiperspirant Deodorant

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Side effects of antiperspirant deodorant


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In this article we’re going to discuss the side effects of Antiperspirant Deodorant.

Chemical and antiperspirant deodorant can block pores, cause spots and blemishes, but more damaging are the absorption of harsh chemicals into the blood supply. These toxins have to be rid from the system somehow and the body has many ways of doing so. Perhaps it’s blackheads and spots, increased urination, and ironically (and even the most commonly) to sweat more in the first place!

Using antiperspirant is fighting a losing battle. The body HAS to sweat. If you force stop the ability to sweat under the arms, your body will compensate and sweat more from other places. Cover your back too? The body will make your legs, face, feet, anything it can do to cool or detoxify – and you can’t cover your whole body in deodorant!

What are the major concerns and side effects of using an antiperspirant deodorant then?

1. Using an antiperspirant deodorant might increase the risk of cancer. 

That sounds shocking doesn’t it? Fact is, many people don’t realize just what they’re putting under their armpits; where the skin is thin and many large blood vessels congregate. The worse players common in antiperspirant deodorants are aluminum chlorohydrate, parabens, propylene glycol, triclosan, triethanolamine and diethanolamine. Studies, such as this in 2003 in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention, found that these ingredients might be responsible for the now all to common breast cancers.

How reliable are these trials? It’s hard to say, but again the fact is most people have no idea what goes into such deodorants and haven’t ever considered the side effects. When you think of deodorant as a chemical that forces the body to stop doing something that occurs naturally – then this might change your perspective.

2. Using antiperspirant deodorant could increase the risk of developing under arm cysts. 

Using harsh deodorants daily could cause underarm cysts according to Medline Plus, in fact, it’s quite a common side effect in those that use the deodorant more than three times a day. While not particularly dangerous, these cysts could become infected, fall off unexpectedly and are just plain annoying.

Furthermore, other common side effects include darker underarms, lumps, bumps, rashes, more sweating else where, and general itchiness. Yes, those darker pits are actually caused by deodorant – not aging!

What’s the alternative to antiperspirant deodorant?

This natural recipe for homemade deodorant, uses organic compounds such as coconut oil to minimize sweating and while isn’t chemically antiperspirant, it doesn’t force toxins that cause excess sweating in the first place.

Homemade deodorant with Lemon

DIY Homemade Lemon Deodorant    Click to see


If you must use deodorant please use as natural as you can get such as Arm and Hammers all natural deodorant or even better, consider making your own as above.

So there you have it, the side effects of antiperspirant deodorant are there. If you can, please use a more natural alternative, is really is much better for your health.


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