Super Simple DIY Homemade Hair Detangler

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Here’s our super simple DIY Homemade Hair Detangler Recipe that will take just two minutes to make!

A quick and simple homemade hair detangler recipe.

A quick and simple homemade hair detangler recipe.

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There are a ton of commercial style hair detanglers out there, trouble is, most of them are pretty heavily laden with chemicals which just aren’t necessary.

Even more of an issue is the fact that many of these detanglers are made with alcohol, which just dries out the hair and scalp. Here’s an example of a terrible hair detangler, made with Cetrimonium Chloride, Trideceth-12, Methylisothiazolinone to name but a few strange ingredients.

So here’s our neat homemade hair detangler recipe, all natural and made with aloe and green tea water.

Some facts about this recipe for our homemade hair detangler:

  • Use on wet or dry hair
  • No tears and non-irritating
  • Natural sunscreens (in the form of green tea)



  Why Aloe Vera

       Aloe Vera juice coats the hair in a thin layer of natural                 softeners and gently conditions hair making it easier to  manage and comb.

When you buy your Aloe vera juice, Make sure you buy 100% juice and avoid preservative laden ones. We use this aloe, it’s only preservative is small amounts of natural citric acid. Make sure you are not fooled by Aloe such as this nasty one. (More on this at the end of the article recipe.)


We use green tea because it’s a great all round good guy for your hair, and has a proven record of providing some protection against heat and sun damage, making it the perfect addition to a detangler. Furthermore, even though aloe juice doesn’t make your hair sticky like a gel, it’s nice to dilute the aloe juice, thus making the detangler cheaper and longer lasting.


  1. Boil three green tea bags into a cup as usual and allow to cool.
  2. Add your green tea water and aloe juice into the spray container.
  3. Add your Lavender.

Note: do not use aloe vera ‘gel’ – this will just make your hair thick and sticky! 

That’s it!



Still can’t be bothered to make your own hair detangler?

We often use the well known brand of California Baby Hair Detangler. 

At about $10 from most stores and online, it’s Super cheap for its all natural ingredient list and great for kids and adults alike. 

Want to check it out?






For more information on Aloe vera products we recommend you read our article on the shocking truth of aloe vera products, where we evaluate how much Aloe Vera is really in a ”100% Aloe Vera” product. It’s truly shocking company advertising.

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