The benefits of coconut water: Should you believe the hype?

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coconut water

The benefits of coconut water: Should you believe the hype?

Let’s not forget that coconut water is a way of life for some people. Coconuts are used in many tropical countries as food, for great fresh healthy water and for trade.  Coconut water is not a fashion, yet it seems heavy media coverage and a skinny celeb or two has caused the price to rocket up. So we have done our best to find the cheapest on the Internet. At the same time, we’ve given you an honest review. Buying a case of 12 cans of C2O Pure Coconut Water is a pretty good deal (for coconut water), and the cans are convenient.

Coconut water is the sweet liquid found inside young, green coconuts. Unripe coconuts are used, as mature coconuts usually absorb the water, and that’s why shop ready coconuts usually contain only a small amount. The coconut water you drink does not come from store coconuts.

Coconut water contains as much potassium as bananas; as well as providing calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, manganese and zinc. In addition, it contains nutrients such as cytokines, which are thought to have anti-aging benefits.

High in potassium, some say it is a good post exercise drink. Indeed, it does have high potassium to sodium ratio; however, we lose a lot more sodium compared to potassium when we sweat. This does not take anything away from the health qualities of coconut water, but rather questions its functionality as a sports drink. So don’t believe the hype of advertising, but instead take what you need from its nutritional facts.

However it’s the high vitamin and mineral content that makes it great for re hydration  and studies have shown it is more effective than plain water (but of course that would be expected) It is just as effective as a sports drink, but only when added sodium is included of course.  These electrolytes would be a great cure for a hangover though.

There are benefits of using it over a sports drink, and for general use. Its neutral PH can help to soothe the stomach and it has some antibacterial properties. Where coconuts are grown indigenously, the locals use the water as a sunscreen and also a protector for the hair too.

Advertisers like to reiterate the point that coconut water contains no fat. Really? Thanks for that, I guess I’ll stop drinking my saturated fat water. Make you own judgment as to any claim you hear. Remember that coconut water is not some super weight loss drink, its just natural water found in coconut!

If you find a cheaper one, let us know so we can post it so no one else has to pay top dollar either.

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