Top 10 Natural Products To Transform Your Health & Beauty

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health products

health products

Making a change from damaging, toxic and chemical laden heath and beauty cosmetics is incredibly advantageous not only for our well-being, but also for the environment we live in. In fact, some of the chemicals found in your common shampoos and lotions are also in commercial window cleaner and anti-freeze (source). Not only this, but the chemical run off from these products often affects plants and animals.

Such hazardous chemicals present in these cosmetics are sometimes absorbed into the skin and most of them have been found to contain carcinogenic properties (SLS is well known for this). Again, such ingredients, often found in shampoos and shower gels, get swept away into the drainage systems and their toxins typically find their way into the water system and damage marine life and ecosystems.

It’s about time we sourced better quality products. Here’s our top 10 list of natural alternatives to health and beauty products that not only help you, but also the environment.


1. Best Natural Shampoo:
Everyday coconut shampoo 
This is a superior natural shampoo made by Alaffia. Its adds volume, softens, conditions and shines. It primarily contains coconut water and coconut oil. Coconut oil is one of the most effective oils for moisturizing and caring for dry, damaged hair. The first ingredient? Ginger extract. There is literally NOTHING suspect in this shampoo.  Further reading: How to make homemade honey shampoo


2. Best Natural Conditioner:aubrey organics honeysuckle conditioner
Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner. 
Aubrey Organics is one of my preferred natural beauty brands. This gentle conditioner is made with a huge large amount of benefiting ingredients for a healthy scalp and hairline. Made with shea butter and aloe, this helps to add moisture and thickens hair, while the addition of jojoba oil helps retain nutrients and moisturize.

3. Best Natural Shower Gel
Alba Natural Mint Shower Gel. 
This shower gel contains essential oils and flower extracts that help to calm and relax you, but with a hint of refreshing mint. This is a thick, rich gel with cooling fresh mint and aloe vera to help dry skin. It’s also made with 100% vegetarian ingredients and they adopt a strong anti animal testing policy. It’s also made without parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances.


4. Best Natural Moisturizer:jason cosmetics vitamin e cream
Vitamin E Age Renewal Moisturizing Cream By Jason
Jason have a good reputation for providing natural lotions without the nasties. This moisturizing cream contains a plethora of healthy ingredients, such as lavender, aloe vera, and soothing chamomile. It’s also packed with nourishing oils such as wheat germ oil and avocado oil which all contain high levels of vitamin E with help with scars and acne.


homemade facial moisturizer with coconut oil5. Best Natural Body Lotion:
This is our homemade lotion, and it’s on the list because natural lotions without harsh chemicals are incredibly rare, and the best ones are super expensive. There’s no reason to not make your own! Check out our super simple homemade moisturizer here.



6. Best Natural Sunscreen:mercola natural sunscreen
Dr Mercola – Natural Sunscreen High SPF.
 Sunscreen are one of the most toxic health products ever. And when it comes to protecting our own skin, as well as our families’, we’d be wise to adopt a natural protection. Dr Mercola, the brand by world renowned Dr Joseph Mercola, is fast establishing itself as a leading health brand. It’s incredibly effective and that’s because it’s been designed so that each ingredient seeks to serve a particular purpose. It contains ingredients such as coconut oil, jojoba oil and green tea, all of which naturally protect against UV rays. Furthermore, it is water resistant, hypoallergenic, and free of chemical fragrances, along with parabens and chemical preservatives. Ideal for the whole family.


dudu-osun-soap7. Best Natural Soap
Dudu-osun African Black Soap
This is a remarkable natural soap made in Nigeria.  It’s made predominantly from a mixture of nature butters such as shea, and provides antibacterial agents without stripping the skin. It’s enhanced with a ton of other naturally occurring ingredients that help clean, and has subtle lime and lemon hints.


8. Best Natural Toothpaste
Burt’s Bees Healthy Natural Toothpasteburt's bees natural toothpaste
.  Unlike most toothpastes, this one contains no harmful chemicals and is totally fluoride free. It uses the natural cleansing and protective properties of silica, calcium, and cranberry to gentle clean teeth and prevent cavities just like any other toothpaste. Gentle peppermint flavored, this is the perfect alternative to typical store bought purchases. Further reading: How to make your own homemade toothpaste. 


best natural deodorant

9. Best Natural Deodorant
Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant
This natural deodorant is on the list because it’s literally cheaper than traditional toxic anti antiperspirants, a rare feat these days. This deodorant offers a slightly different odor protection. It’s fortified with natural essential oils and natural extracts to both mask and prevent sweat and odor. At the same time, this deodorant helps protect against shaving burn and rashes. It provides 24-hour odor and wetness protection, and doesn’t leave white marks either. Further reading: how to make homemade deodorant and the side effects of antiperspirant deodorant.


10. Best universal Health Productraw unrefined shea butter
Raw Unrefined Shea Butter. 
This is something you’ll find all over this website, it’s shea butter, and if you don’t have any – it’s time to get some. If you’ve ever had any problems with your skin, you’ll wonder how you survived without it. It helps eczema, it’s a natural emollient, provides low level sun protection, and it’s deeply nourishing vitamin content is why it’s used as an anti aging cream. Having some at home is always a good idea – it’s cheap too!


Thanks for reading and I hope this inspires you to choose natural!

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