Top 12 Best DIY Body Butter Recipes

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Top 12 best body butter recipes

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There are so many DIY body butter recipes out there, but some are overly complicated and they really don’t have to be. Making Body butter yourself ensures there are no chemicals and is far more interesting than buying it yourself.

By making it yourself, you can leave out the nasty chemicals contained in body butters like this one which is supposed to be a good brand. Always check the label.

We hope you find a recipe you like the look of. We have found 100’s of Body butter recipes but here are our Top 12 Best DIY Body Butter Recipes:

Coconut and Mango Body Butter



A great way to start of making Body butter. It contains all sorts of natural ingredients such as coconut, mango and Shea too. Mangos help clear clogged pores and tackle the cause of acne. Additionally, its nutritional composition is about ¾ Vitamin C, which is an ideal antioxidant for the skin. Check out this great recipe here.

Coconut oil and Honey Shaving Body Butter 


High in fats and proteins, coconut can rejuvenate and moisturize dry and damaged skin and even aid in preserving the skins natural oils. It’s also wonderful for rashes and eczema being antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. Honey is a surprisingly unusual treatment for wrinkles, of which most people often overlook when looking for a remedy. Try it yourself here.

Vanilla and Vitamin E Soothing Body Butter


Aromatherapists can use many essential oils to help people relax and reduce stress, explains the University of Maryland Medical Center in its review of aromatherapy and Vitamin E is a very soothing antioxidant that helps remove impurities from the skin, and in turn makes for a very relaxing body butter. Vitamin E is also the go to oil for Scars and stretch Marks.  If you’re looking to grab hold of some Vitamin E oil, try looking on Amazon. Whilst the majority of the time Herbal Outlets are more affordable, there is a great one on sale here: Vitamin E  Why not have a go, visit: Here.

Shea Body Butter by

Shea Body Butter

Shea Body Butter

Shea butter is essentially super food for your skin. Wrinkles, fine lines and scars are its forte as Shea butter has some amazing regenerating properties. It is also an Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, and protects against UV damage. Shea butter is incredibly moisturizing and penetrates deep into the skin cells. It can actually help repair and strengthen damaged skin. Without a doubt, Shea butter is THE best butter for skin blemishes, rashes and most importantly Eczema. Amazon currently have a great offer on African Shea Butter Cream  at the time of writing, though please check to see if is still running. This beautifully simple and well illustrated recipe is perfect for those wanting to get the most of the Shea butter benefits from their body butter. Try it out at:

Essential oil Body Butter By



A well packed recipe, with Shea and coconut, you can really mix and match with other essential oils.

Aloe, Coconut and Lavender by

Aloe, Coconut and Lavender

Aloe, Coconut and Lavender

This body butter has made the list with its inclusion of some key ingredients, most notably Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera isn’t in most body Butters, but there’s really no reason why it shouldn’t be. A great Skin conditioner and toner, it also improves overall blood circulation and is one of the best treatments nature can buy for pimples and acne.  This is also quite a professional recipe with Beeswax and Lanolin so it will store very well indeed.  See for full Details!

Cellulite busting Cinnamon Body Butter by

Cinnamon Body Butter for Cellulite

Cinnamon Body Butter for Cellulite

Cinnamon is rich in benefiting minerals like Iron, calcium and Magnesium that help keep skin healthy. Cinnamon helps local blood circulation and consequently helps spread the distribution of cellulite making it the perfect addition in a body butter.  It helps remove blood impurities reducing inflammation and is also recommended for acne. Again this property helps with cellulite.  Moutainroseherbs have a special offer on cinnamon oil at the moment. It will only last for about a month so if you want to make this body butter on a budget, grab it while you can, it really does have so many uses!

Rosemary Mint Body Butter by

Rosemary Mint Body Butter

Rosemary Mint Body Butter

This recipe is made with a decent amount of Shea butter and has 2 amazing essential oils: Rosemary and Spearmint.  This two oils help improve circulation, and work synergistically with one another. They help rest tired muscles, and so this body butter is for anyone who’s arms may be feeling heavy and tired. This stimulating body butter would be a perfect pick me up. For the perfect feel good body butter, check it out at:

Honey and Lemon Body Butter by

Honey and Lemon Body Butter

Honey and Lemon Body Butter

Honey is surprisingly a great moisturizer as it helps retain water in the skin. This leaves you with smooth, supple skin. It is also an unusual treatment for wrinkles, which most people often overlook when looking for a remedy. We love the smell of Citrus oils and the inclusion of Lemon essential Oil makes this butter smell really great. For more information on this recipe, Visit:  


Whipped Coconut Body Butter by

Whipped Coconut Body Butter

Whipped Coconut Body Butter

This body butter is a complete money saver and the only mandatory ingredient is coconut oil. You have the option of adding some restoring vitamin E oil, and of course a few drops of essential oils. All of which are affordable. Moutainroseherbs sell affordable essential oils if your looking for some and we use them for the majority of our recipes! Coconut’s white flesh is rich is fats, minerals, proteins and vitamins making it one of the most versatile oils in the world. Here just this one ingredient turns into an amazing body butter. All you need to do is whisk it.   The author found this recipe looking for an affordable alternative to expensive store ready body lotions. If you’re looking for a very simple body butter recipe to get started, this is it.

Rose Body Butter by

DIY Homemade Rose body butter

DIY Homemade Rose body butter

Rose is an amazing addition to any homemade body butter. Rose oil is ideal for treating symptoms of depression. It’s uplifting aroma boosts confidence and self esteem and associated feelings of hope. As a consequence it drives away anxiety.   Rose Oil is also the best smelling natural antiseptic. It helps treat wounds and prevents infection, this is a great body butter for those who may have grazes. View our own recipe here. 

Coconut and apricot Body butter by

Coconut and apricot Body butter

Coconut and apricot Body butter

Apricot Oil has a remarkably similar Lipid constitution to that of the natural oil on your skin. It is this that makes it great for replenishing dry and damaged skin.  This recipe can use almond oil as a replacement, but what makes it unique is the deeply moisturizing Apricot Kernal Oil. If you remove the ingredient, the recipe loses its uniqueness so why would you want to! To learn how to DIY, visit

We really hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we did! There are so many great ones to chose from.  If you think you’ll follow a recipe, please share it with your friends on facebook and Pinterest! Thankyou for reading! 

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