Top 7 Uses For Citronella Oil

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Citronella essential oil is extracted from the leaves and stems of different species of lemongrass. This incredibly aromatic essential oil is used frequently in soaps, candles, commercial insect repellents and all manner of cosmetic products.  Citronella oil is usually a clear light yellow, and sometimes brownish liquid with strong lemon aroma with a hint of woody undertones.

If you want a bottle,  then pick one up here and then read on to discover seven amazing things you can do with this wonderful, diverse essential oil!

Top 7 uses for citronella essential oil!

Insect Repellent

Citronella is perhaps best known for its insect repellent properties and it’s famed for being the best alternative for those with skin sensitive to harsh alternatives such as deet.  It can be used in isolation or combined with other essential oils, such as this lemongrass oil, to help create an even more thorough insect repellent combination. To keep insects at bay as a preventative, you can light a large candle, and allow it to burn until a small pool of wax forms, then add a few drops of the oil, and it should fill the room with a gentle fragrance to keep biting bugs away. Alternatively, you can invest in an essential oil burner such as this one, or perhaps even add a drop or three to ribbon or string and hang by an open window. If you are moving, or out after sun down and want to be protected then add a few drops of citronella oil and mix with distilled water, or a carrier oil (such as olive or jojoba oil) in a spray bottle and spray directly onto the skin.

Beauty and Skin Care

Citronella essential oil is great for reducing sebum build up and calming down oily skin. Its anti-bacterial properties make it incredibly effective at fighting the bacteria that can cause acne. Adding just five drops to a beaker of water and washing the face with the solution is one ideal way to take complete advantage of this essential oil.

Another incredibly effective acne protocol consists in mixing witch hazel and citronella at a ratio of one drop per ounce of witch hazel ratio and then applying to the face gently with a cotton wall ball. Because witch hazel is an astringent, it will compliment the citronella well and the solution will lightly harden, dry and then protect your skin. Read more on the benefits of Witch hazel here. 


Historically, Citronella oil has been widely used to target the cause of and bring down high fevers. Using a diffuser, a few drops around the room helps to provide a calming scent with induces relaxation, freshness and feelings of hope. Additionally, mix 5 drops in with a carrier oil and massage onto the stomach, small amounts on the neck and forehead, and onto legs.


The lemony citrus aroma of citronella oil easily dominate body odor making it a wonderful smelling and suitable deodorant. Additionally, the anti-bac properties of this amazing essential oil help to kill the build up of potentially nasty smelling under arm bacteria. To make it, mix 5 drops or more of citronella oil with a suitable, no greasy, light carrier such as coconut oil for an effective, affordable and completely natural deodorant. You can also add some drops to your bath too! Read how to make a lemon deodorant here. 

Toxin Removal

Citronella oil has diaphoretic and diuretic properties which promotes toxin removal, assists in weight loss and the detox of waste substances. The diaphoretic properties help to stimulate natural sweating processes which in turn expels toxins, natural fat and excess salts from the body. Furthermore, the diuretic properties help to further the frequency and indeed the quantity of urination. This also helps to flush out toxins such as waste substances and activates the bodies natural immune system by draining out infections in the urinary system.

Digestive Issues

Historically, Citronella essential oil has been long identified as an effective all natural treatment for worms. When dealing with children, it should be used in very mild doses, so please be careful. It is an effective treatment to help get rid of round worms and tape worms. Citronella oil also helps to better the digestive system.

Nuisance Dog Barking

Extensive research published in the Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association, stated that a dab of citronella from an anti-barking collar was much more effective and obviously more humane when it comes to preventing nuisance dog barking than an electric shock collar that is typically used!

The veterinarians who helped with the study speculated that “given the dog’s sense of smell, it could be that a strange odor may be less tolerated than a presumably painful stimulus”. 

If you don’t want to get all DIY, try this Petsafe Gentle Spray Citronella Anti-Bark Dog Collar to see if it helps with excessive dog barking.

Where To Buy Citronella Oil

Citronella oil is incredibly affordable, well actually, it’s dirt cheap and is actually one of the cheapest essential oils which is perfect if you want to start using it – you have nothing to lose. use Edens Garden Citronella Oil which is available on Amazon marketplace for just $5.90 for a 30ml bottle (that’s a pretty big bottle when you only need to use a few drops!).

Best Buy: 

If you haven’t already got one, you must get your hands on one of these essential oil burners! No home is complete without one! You simply add the oils with a little water into the top, and light a cute tea candle underneath! Check them out below:


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