Top foods high in Vitamin D

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The top foods high in vitamin D

We get most of our vitamin D from just being outdoors exposed to sunlight and UV rays, where is produced under our skin. So in this sense, Vitamin D isn’t really a vitamin, it’s a chemical reaction kick started by hormones.

The two varieties that are used by humans are vitamins D2 and D3. D3 is the more common of the two.

The top foods high in vitamin D are:

Oily Fish and cod liver oil

Oily fish is super high in Omega 3 and the hugely popular Cod liver oil contains safe and natural levels of vitamin D including Vitamin A. Herring are another great fish full of vitamin D that people often neglect, oily fish leads the top foods high in vitamin D.


Oysters are a great source of vitamin D and high in many other vitamins and minerals.


This includes Salami, Ham, and Sausages etc.


Ensure to eat all the egg, and buy free range, we do not support battery hens at   .com and there is no excuse not to in our opinion. We are very passionate about this, to find out why, please read:


If you buy dried mushrooms make sure that you find mushrooms that have been dried in the sun, as they will have higher D content.

If you live in a region where sunlight is sometimes a rareity, or have very distinct seasons, then you may be suffereing from seasonal affective disorder. Sounds bad – but it’s just what happens when you don’t get enough vitmain D from the sun, which can sometimes make you feel low without really knowing why.

You can buy special LED lights, which provide you with natural spectrum daylight, and are actually pretty great!

Lots of people use them in places like Seattle and during the winter months in Britain.

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