Treat Dog Hot Spots Naturally

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How to treat dog hot spots naturally

This article will outline how to treat dog hot spots naturally, without using anything potentially harmful to your pet.

Hotspots are rare in cats but present a real challenge for dogs.

How to treat dog hot spots naturally

A hot spot is an intensely itchy area of inflamed skin.  Dogs will start to violently scratch a particular area, using its legs to scratch or its teeth if it can reach the area.  The hair disappears from the site revealing a bright red, inflamed sore which may weep and ooze.

Bathing the area in Hypericum and Calendula is incredibly healing and can give relief quite quickly.  Hypericum and Calendula can be purchased from an herbalist or as a cream or a homeopathic pharmacy as a tincture – however, these tinctures are alcohol based which can cause irritation so, for hotspots, obtain the dried herbs from an herbalist shop and steep in hot water.  Once infused for 15 to 20 minutes, strain and cool.  Bathe the hotspot liberally with the infusion.  It provides rapid relief and helps prevent infection.

It’s that simple, you should find that your dog’s hot spot should start to heal within a week. To date, we have not found a better way to treat dog hot spots naturally.

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